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Application of Waterman Chlorine Dioxide Generator in Building Cooling Water


1. Overview

At present, the circulating cooling water system tends to use alkaline organic phosphorus as a water quality stabilizer, which provides a nutrient source for the propagation of bacteria algae. Bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and other microorganisms use these nutrients in the water for a large number of breeding. With these microorganisms as the main body, mixed with mud, inorganic and dust, etc., the formation of biological slime adhesion and accumulation, resulting in mud failure, causing equipment and pipe local corrosion, plug and other undesirable problems, reduce heat exchange efficiency of the heat exchanger, even cause the pipe perforations and equipment damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to add a biocide to the circulating cooling water to control the growth of the microorganism.


Although liquid chlorine is most widely used to kill microorganisms in cooling water, in many special cases, chlorine dioxide is more advantageous, more efficient and more economical. For example, when the cooling water has a high PH value, nitrogen content and organic matter content, the advantages of chlorine dioxide is particularly prominent. Because the sterilization effect of clo2 is less affected by the environmental PH value, it can be in a wide range of PH value to maintain a stable bactericidal effect. Chlorine dioxide does not react with ammonia to produce low bactericidal effect of chloramine, and it does not react with organic matter to form chlorinated organic matter. In addition, chlorine dioxide has the features of fast sterilization, long decline in water, long lasting effect, does not occur precipitation reaction with organic phosphorus and other water quality stabilizer, and has no effect on corrosion and scale inhibition effect of the water quality stabilizer. Chlorine dioxide corrosion experiments on the metal equipment show that: basically no corrosion on the stainless steel and copper under concentration of 80-120mg / L of chlorine dioxide, basically no corrosion on the carbon steel under 20-80mg / L of chlorine dioxide, so the sterilization concentration of chlorine dioxide in circulating water is less than 80mg / L, which will not cause corrosion of equipment. It can be seen that chlorine dioxide is a widely popular circulating water sterilization algae.


In the cooling water of the central air-conditioning system of the urban residential area, Legionella has been found. The bacteria grow in the higher temperature of the hot water system. If the infection leads to pneumonia, the mortality rate is high. This kind of bacteria has a strong chlorine resistance, while use of chlorine dioxide can easily kill it. Therefore, in the central air conditioning cooling water system, supporting the use of chlorine dioxide is a good choice.

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